Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How I Handcraft Jewelry Clasps

Most people appreciate the hard work that goes into  handcrafted jewelry.  Each piece has it's own characteristics.  Even though some pieces are similar no two pieces are exactly the same.

I handcraft most of the clasps that I use on the bracelets I make.  It gives the jewelry a more unique look.

First I collect all the materials need to make the clasp.  wire jig and pegs, wire, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, ruler, and round nose pliers.

Cut the wire 3 inches long.

Make a P-loop on one end of the wire.

Place the P-loop at the small peg.

Wrap the wire around the larger peg.

Make another P-loop on the end of the wire.
Continue the spiral.

It can be left like this or hammered.


  1. make it look so easy...thank you for sharing!!!
    I've never made these before for my regular bracelets, because I have a difficult time getting customers to use toggles I wasn't going to push it with this kind of clasp...
    I do make a fused fine silver bracelet that I make a clasp something like this though, they are hammered and very strong...
    Do you wear these all the time do you like the feel???

  2. Thanks! I actually prefer toggle clasps to regular clasps. These are easier for me to fasten. This clasps is sturdy. I use 16 guage wire and hammer or work harden it.